The Story behind the Story

This book proves that when the timing is right the right things happen! 

In November of 2009, 6 years afters after Natalie created the initial draft of this story, her path finally crossed with Ray Shilling, the illustrator of this book, when Ray submitted an illustration of Phil Knight for a side project that Natalie was leading. Ray pushed for the initial meeting to happen sooner rather than later which allowed the book to be developed to a point where it could be shared with Barbara Bowerman just months before she passed away at age 96.

The book tells the true story of how Bill Bowerman the co-founder of Nike created the Waffle-Sole using the family's waffle iron, but is told from Wendy the Waffle Iron's perspective.

The book was written to celebrate Bill Bowerman's life and ensure his spirit continues to inspire people to innovate. 

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